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    Almost half (45 percent) are not too or not at all confident they and their spouse will be able to save as much as they think they need, and 70 percent say they are a little or a lot behind schedule in planning and saving for retirement. -- Retirement Confidence Survey - 2011
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    A third of all Americans (34 percent of workers, 33 percent or retirees) say they had to tap an IRA, 401(k), savings or investment accounts, or had to take a loan against those accounts, in order to pay for basic expenses. -- RCS – 2011
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    Almost half of current retirees (45 percent) say they retired earlier than they planed, mainly because of a health problem or disability. -- Retirement Confidence Survey – 2011
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    In total, more than half of workers (56 percent) report that the total value of their household’s savings and investments, excluding the value of their primary home and any defined benefit plans, is less than $25,000. -- RCS – 2011
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    Today we have revised our strategy, and look for ways for our clients to utilize tax-free strategies in accumulating their wealth with vehicles that offer much more safety. - ESG
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    What we found several years ago is that our retired clients were most negatively impacted by TAXES and a risk to principal because of their investment strategy. - ESG
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    A sizable percentage of workers report they have virtually no savings or investments - 29 percent say they have less than $1,000. -- Retirement Confidence Survey - 2011
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    If you were a farmer; would you rather pay taxes on a single apple seed or defer the taxes and pay on every single apple harvested - like a Qualified Plan?
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Equity Solution Group

We at Equity Solution Group, seeing how the government is adding to the country's debt by running up huge deficits, believe that eventually we will all have to pay the price for this spending with much higher tax rates in the years to come.  With that in mind, we specialize in educating the consumer in tax-free alternatives for one’s retirement planning, along with making sure that our potential clients are informed about the "best and safest wealth accumulation vehicle on the market today".

We are aligned with Retirement Planning Associates of Massachusetts, an agency with experts that have over 200 years of cumulative experience in this field. Together, we give you a comprehensive solution to what we believe is the biggest threat to your financial security during your retirement years. In addition, we would also suggest scrutinizing your past insurance strategy, as you could be paying much more than you should be, due to lower mortality rates industry-wide and other upgrades of which you may not have been informed. We want to help you make sure that the premium dollars you are currently spending make sense, since the criticism, even by some inside the industry, has long been that "the life insurance industry is the only industry that tries to keep people from trading in obsolete products for new and improved versions that will save them money and give them a better value". Our company seeks to inform you, the consumer, of this erroneous strategy and correct it. In this economy, we cannot be too careful how our money is being allocated, as most of us don't have funds that we can afford to waste. Any money conserved can be utilized to build a bigger retirement pot from which to draw later.

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The Times Demand a Change in Strategy

 In the ever-rising tax environment we live in today, nothing suffocates earning’s potential more than taxation. The very  popular strategy of saving pre-tax monies and deferring the tax to be paid when they are withdrawn in our later years, only works if we expect our tax bracket to go down.

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The Sad Truth About Retirement Programs

"The average American Household Has Virtually No Chance To Reach An Adequate Retirement Savings In The Next 50 Years,"Christian Weller, Retirement Specialist at the Economic Policy Institute. The prognosis is grim, especially for middle-class families.

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 Unless our politicians in Washington start cutting the entitlement spending and becoming concerned with the waste and corruption, it will do absolutely no good to simply raise revenues - which is what they are trying to do.   If there isn’t a balance developed between cutting current spending and increasing the taxes on the upper 50%, there will be no solution to the deficit problem.  Our nation’s deficit problem isn’t caused from too little taxation, but from too much ‘out of control’ spending by an unaccountable government sector.  Until we elect a group of politicians who understand that it is our entitlement spending that has been our downfall, as opposed to too little taxation on the rich (not borne out by history), we will be confronted with more and more taxes as a solution for our deficit.


 If this will impact you negatively, and I do not know how it couldn’t, be very careful for whom you vote in November 2014.

 Less Government Equals More Freedom and Prosperity

 In 1981, when Ronald Reagan took over as President of the United States from Jimmy Carter, the top marginal tax rate stood at 70% and the tax revenues to the US Treasury were $500 billion. In 1988, when Reagan left office, the top tax bracket had been lowered to 28%, and tax revenues were at just under $1Trillion. In the next 10 years our economy boomed. This disproves what the liberals say about lessening the tax rates: that the rich get richer and the tax revenues go down, leaving less money for the government to distribute to the poor through their ‘do-gooder’ programs. In Reagan’s two terms, the tax rate was lowered by two-thirds and yet the tax revenue to the US Treasury doubled. How is that not good? When the people get to keep more of their own money, everyone is better off. When the rich aren't penalized for their success with higher tax rates, they invest and spend more, which is good for the economy. When business owners have to pay less to the tax man, they can expand their business, upgrade their business and hire more people. When more people have jobs, then more people are spending money and  paying taxes.  Dropping the tax rate naturally exapnds the tax base and produces more revenue for the treasury.  It goes to show us that less government intrusion into our wallets and lives begets a universally good result, except for liberal politicians who want more expansive and more expensive government. When the government plans more, the individual gets to plan less. What we need is more tax cuts and less spending. Once again, less is more.    -- Chris Cherest

Ten Incredible Statistics About America's Coming Retirement Crisis

 1. Six of ten non-retirees believe that Social Security won't be able to pay them benefits when they stop working.


2. There is supposed to be approximately 2.5 trillion dollars in the Social Security trust fund, but the U.S. government has taken all of that money out and has spent it over the last 30 years.

3. According to the Congressional Budget Office, this year the Social Security system will pay out more in benefits than it receives in payroll taxes. This was not supposed to happen until at least 2016.

4. 35% of Americans over the age of 65 rely almost totally on Social Security alone.

5. Back in 1950 each retiree's Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 workers. Today, each retiree's Social Security benefit is paid for by approximately 3.3 workers. By 2025 it is projected that there will be approximately two workers for each retiree.

6. 56% of current retirees believe that the government will eventually cut their Social Security benefits.

7. Approximately half of all American workers have less than $2000 saved for retirement.

8. According to one survey, 36 percent of Americans say that they don't contribute anything at all to retirement savings.

9. According to another recent survey, 24% of American workers say that they have postponed their planned retirement age at some point during the past year.

10. According to an official U.S. government report, rapidly growing interest costs on the U.S. national debt together with spending on major entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare will absorb approximately 92 cents of every dollar of federal revenue by the year 2019. That is before one penny is spent on anything else.

Source: http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/10-incredible-statistics-about-americas-coming-retirement-crisis-that-will-blow-your-mind

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